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  1. Drama

    I often refer to it as a fat cat.
  2. Mayhem88 is very salty

    I'm jealous of you and panda, as I am just one ugly bald old man. It is what is, can't deny the truth.:eek:
  3. Wars of Mochlos

    Lets be honest, his cs loss was minimal, as far as most of his olu, it can easily be replaced by the event. So no, there was really no guts. I never said your off topic comments were not interesting. I said you get off topic a lot.
  4. Wars of Mochlos

    He didn't even try to recall, he knows it. He got cocky and got smoked, plain and simple. BTW You seem to get off topic a lot.
  5. Wars of Mochlos

    Hmm what was that last ls timed to your cs again? yeah talk with facts. It actually was a 12sec gap between your last timed ls and your cs. Of course you don't want that to be
  6. Wars of Mochlos

    You don't roll the dice with a 13sec gap, no ls, and YOU KNOW your attacking an experienced player who is, more than likely, going to snipe you. Say nothing about what happend with the CS.
  7. Wars of Mochlos

    A few seconds before? You mean like 13seconds before right? All you had to say was you messed up. That's it, done.
  8. Wars of Mochlos

    All the gold can't fix stupid
  9. Top 12

    That is like hiring a robber to be the bank guard.
  10. Who All Is Coming

    There goes the neighborhood.
  11. Who All Is Coming

  12. Chuckey wuz here

    I know, it is fantastic.
  13. Chuckey wuz here

    Being very critical of some of the INNO Games decisions as of late, I must tip my cap to the new world settings. Thank You.
  14. Chuckey wuz here

    Yep can't wait.
  15. New World's anytime soon??

    Thank you for your thoughts....Good stuff.