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  1. Off Topic

    Man, y'all made the server what it is. You can't really bitch about it after the fact. Y'all both dropped as many people as you could day one, grew as fast as you could afford to, followed through with whatever you planned to do. Now you can sim your way to the end of it. There is no strategy...
  2. Rumor Has It

    Rumor has it Squished greenlighted me.That is a mistake!
  3. Milestone's UP to date

    These topics are pretty narrow. I can't stop my mouth from running wherever it may go.
  4. Rumor Has It

    Good to see people talking trah again. Y'all lost your nerve for a while!
  5. Rumor Has It

    Rumor has it the mod scared everyone off this forum. Maybe I'll hear from you when I'm attacking you.
  6. Rumor Has It

    I could go for a Long Island!
  7. Rumor Has It

    I make myself laugh all the time! Not my fault people don't share my humor! Half way up, I'll drink it away!
  8. Rumor Has It

    Rumor has it Pillars have no sense of humor. I sent a bill to a guy that spied on me, because it made me laugh, and he got pissed, told me I had to chill and all his buddies we're going to take care of me. C'mon Man! Have some fun!
  9. Milestone's UP to date

    Yeah, I'm a little upset I wasn't mentioned in the top 12 too.
  10. Milestone's UP to date

    I'm feeling left out. Nobody is calling my alliance an MRA. I must be doing something wrong.
  11. Milestones

    I can appreciate that most people don't like being called out on their behavior. What is more telling is that you assumed you were included in the group I was referring to. You may want to talk to someone about that.
  12. Milestones

    Ignorance is bliss! But if that's the worst you can think to say about me, you should talk to more people. This is not a game you're equipped to get into.
  13. Milestones

    You've got bigger problems than spies. But good for you for trying to come up with something clever to say.
  14. Milestones

    Vitroil, great word!
  15. Milestones

    My mouth tends to get me into trouble with most people, but I will stand behind 94% of everything I've ever said, often to my detriment. I'll go solo until I get killed off, which should be about 5 minutes after my BP ends. I hope y'all fight it out and have some fun!