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  1. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    you might not be memorable? or full of lies? admit noob it's your first world ever...
  2. Gold gone wrong #hottiesaretheworstgrepplayersever #thebiggestepicfailever

    whitey purchased gold on app, just like during event..., we countdown from 14 days until he will finally be able to use it, definitely not when he needed it, but who knows what comes tomorrow :)
  3. Gold gone wrong #hottiesaretheworstgrepplayersever #thebiggestepicfailever

    gold is part of the game, whether you like it or not when you have a blue island, a supporting alliance and more who are willing to gold troops - 8 hours, heroes, have a chance to demo the wall to zero - do you give up on the city? don't you take the chance to do as much damage as possible in...
  4. Gold gone wrong #hottiesaretheworstgrepplayersever #thebiggestepicfailever

    your calculations are so wrong about gold... as for biggest failure of grepo history, killing over 50K DLU closer to 60K by 0 wall - I'm not sure Guinness will approve that, but good luck!
  5. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    HeadHunter's TOP12 Sink or Sink! 1. Things you should withhold. 2. Self-loathing is eating you up. 3. Ask her out, she is looking for a hubby on grepo. 4. Nudies, booze and gold. 5. Stop telling lies! 6. It was an excellent idea! 7. Close your eyes and bend...
  6. Trash Talk and Rumour Mill

    thinking about AD's team, we have lots of puppies here that can type, just pick one Athenakins... except Phoenix :P
  7. Trash Talk and Rumour Mill

    so I literally posted here my CQ (burning hot city above) and no one cared to break the Siege :o I'm beyond disappointed...
  8. Wars

    you are mistaken... this has already happened here, Kraken called in all top alliance leaders to make a big coalition against BOB and AD... kudos to the AD fearbot and Noobies hugbot this world is already worse than most others 1-2 months before wonders Meri forgot to drink the daily Kool-AD...
  9. Trash Talk and Rumour Mill

    HAIRY HOT ISLANDS OYE!!! Rumor has it... Hairy Hotties were chosen as most influential alliance to rule Idalium and whole Grepolis from now on! The new graphics were added to represent our values, all your cities will be turned to hairy or hot!!! No one can stop the spreading of Hairy Hotties!
  10. PnP GrepoGods of Ida

    not used to quote myself or speak in 3rd person, but elphine told ya!!!
  11. Wars

    other than we use CLINTS LOCK in our alliance names can you show any proof of that? there weren't any alliance changes between us... what kind of feeder is that lol with your blonde girl logic NOOBIES could be our feeder as well, actually that's closer to the truth if you checked stats /...
  12. Wars

    This world doesn't deserve a 'Wars' thread, someone please change the title to 'Hugs' or close this dead topic. Thanks!
  13. PnP GrepoGods of Ida

    How many times, how many players tried to revamp GrepoGods or add a new god... it is the most boring topic ever, so why not post another thread about gods / myths and offer a present if you read it... All the Greek Gods can hide behind our talents and masterminds on Idalium. Please assign you...
  14. New God: Deinos - Discussion

    too early for April Fools! c'mon don't turn grepo into Jurassic Park...