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  1. Grepolis for Kindle Fire

    I have Grep on my Kindle Fire, but I just noticed that it is no longer available for reinstall. What happened. :eek:
  2. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    This particular mod can't mod Thebes.
  3. He's cut!

    They must have had a fire sale then. Word has it they lost 30 more.
  4. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Go get'em Z1. Anyone who has ever played with Z1, knows he is a formidable force.
  5. Dio-Tools suppressing the Quest markers in the city list.

    According to Dio-Tools we should post the bug here. None of my worlds have quest markers in the city lists. World: Kos and Thebes In Game Name: DottieDear Have check the known bugs list: Yes Have you cleared your cache and cookies: Yes Have you tried a diffrent...
  6. Thebes Discussion Thread

    If you look at the world heading it has the speed of the world. This is a World speed 3, player speed 2, trade speed 2 world. enjoy
  7. Battleship Guess Thread

    AV18 - miss
  8. Battleship Guess Thread

    q33 - miss
  9. Battleship Guess Thread

    AQ22 - miss
  10. Battleship Guess Thread

    AP12 - miss
  11. Battleship Guess Thread

    AO24 - miss
  12. Battleship Guess Thread

    p39 - Miss AO24 is a miss
  13. Battleship Guess Thread

    D42 - Miss