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    Angels vs demons

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    Last User to Post here Wins

    Bet you didn't see me coming
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    Rob's Graphic Designs

    Any chance I can get a last minute request?
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    Top 12

    Honestly, the night bonus give such a ridiculously huge bonus to the defender that they really can't attack during the night. If it was 25%, I could see some players deciding to sacrifice a few losses for the surprise, but with 100% it's completely absurd
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    You're Banned from the Forum

    Banned for keeping it alive
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    You're the biggest hypocrite in the game, just look at your city names
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    Declarations of war seem tactically flawed, much better to run a surprise op and catch the alliance off-guard
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    There may be, we're not really trying to fight a war against you
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    Wonder who that someone is...
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    Nicaea Chronicles Issue Five

    I think your last rumor is spot on
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    Nicaea Chronicles Issue Four

    Hey Scipio, look who's here to mess around a bit
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    count to 50 before a mod posts

    12 guess the mods don't even check this thread anymore, makes me feel a little better about the lack of acknowledgement in the Bugs thread
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    Last User to Post here Wins

    I guess this is why mods don't have time to read or acknowledge our complaints...
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    count to 50 before a mod posts

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    count to 50 before a mod posts