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  1. Domination Rules

    This first screenshot points out one of the major flaws in this endgame, even the rankings say Coming Soon is at the top after the crown has been awarded to another team. It obviously is counting dom percentage, but that didn't matter in determining who won a crown. Awful game mode, you won't...
  2. World Discussion Thread

    I was thinking the same thing. First Domination world and it's just so competitive that people are fighting over 500 point cities, founding on rocks all over the place and making sure they're online at 3am to grab anchor points. I'm messing around in Olous and it seems to be the same with WW...
  3. New World - Pegasae Discussion Thread

    Ya'll are funny. They announced the settings, the world starts tomorrow, no way they change any of those settings.
  4. New World - Pegasae Discussion Thread

    What time exactly does this world open?
  5. The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    Hades, US92 Dash2001
  6. Hermes Trial

    When I go to Hermes Trial, it says I have "insufficient privileges to post here." Any idea what I'm doing wrong?