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  1. PnP Do you like Apples?

    Oh what fun is that MC? We won by sticking with our mates through hard times not alliance jumping at the first sign of problems. It's much easier to surf around from one alliance after another hoping you land on one that wins and not minding one bit stepping on your mates heads in the process.
  2. [PnP] R.I.P. Les Capetians

    It's simple math. We weren't going to qualify more than likely anyway but now with Les Caps gone and most of their members ghosting their accounts or quitting we really wont make it. The top 50 aliances have to have 250 million points lol, you won't even get close. I'm off to EN server. Have...
  3. [PnP] R.I.P. Les Capetians

    I ghosted my account as did many of the former Les Caps. It's over folks, just blowing up Les Caps moved WW back a month. Imagine when Me, Carlton, LRKR, etc. go ghost. You are all just wasting your time. But Mega is correct. This all started when the Chigs promised not to recruit any...
  4. Complimentary Compliments

    I was a part of an alliance that led the world by far. Then one by one all the "founders" quit and then almost all the "leaders" quit, then all my "friends" in the game jumped to the enemy alliance and started attacking me. Good times.
  5. Complimentary Compliments

    Hmm founders quitting, leaders going inactive and jumping ship--sounds familiar.
  6. Chi Milestones

    Getting attacked by the entire server for a month opened up a lot of city slots. That and I've found an alliance to my south that doesn't know how to dodge :)
  7. Complimentary Compliments

    Rest in peace Mega. I hope RL treats you well. Through it all you have stuck by your word which, unfortunately, is rare in this game. Himdo 2014-05-26 16:27 I just don't understand why some players get so attached to their cities that they would turn to an enemy just to not lose those...
  8. Complimentary Compliments

    I would like to compliment everyone that has not changed alliances at the first sign of trouble. Loyalty and toughness are rare traits in this modern world and this game is a microcosm of how most of us live our lives.