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  1. Who is at War with Who

    Maybe we will get lucky and EE will disband (have that mess over with) and its players and or cities get can be absorbed by every one (no players to HM-Dm). Then we can have a proper fight again. Harambe Project, Cecil the Lion, and KAOS are going to need to move into Ocean 44, thus starting a...
  2. Who is at War with Who

    Anyone know what Koas is doing?
  3. Who is at War with Who

    Never know, everyone could team up on HM/DF and come to QoQ rescue.
  4. Who is at War with Who

    Just wanted to see what alliances in the top 20 alliances are at war with who. Hot Mess, Dumpster Fire at war with QoQ and Evil Squirrels.
  5. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Got my popcorn out.
  6. TBD vs KOD talk

    Why Zim and Rowdey of course. The leaders of KOD. I have had dealings with them in other worlds, and they take the cake. I have taken a back seat in this world so far but those two will always be painted red. Many have had the same experience with them.
  7. TBD vs KOD talk

    lol TylerBash Good to see you going at it once again Oliver. lol KOD deserves what they get. While there have been people I did not see eye to eye with in Grepo, I have never come across veteran players that were such back stabbing manipulating liars, as these two. 2 cents from the mouse ;)
  8. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Wrong once again on more than one point Oliver. We brought over 100+ Gods from Upsilon. Do you just like to make stuff up and see if it no one notices? Also, we never do the join or die tactic, nor have we had the need. Funny about the Matters group, only like to attack but then fell...
  9. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Coattails? Well seeing as when we withdrew our support and friendship from Anti-Matter they fell apart, I do not see how we were on your coattails. It actually seems to me that Anti-Matter was held together by the Gods support and friendship. The Gods did not fold fighting Anti-Matter...
  10. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    The Wheel and Infamous are not a separate alliance Lord Ares. Yes when Anti-Matter (a core group, so big numbers) gave up because they were afraid of defending, they joined Infamous and the Wheel, pushing InfamousWheels numbers up. I am not crying unfair. I am saying that instead of...
  11. Trash Talk Thread- Sparta

    You showed me Oliver! Trolling the forums and adding comments even though you don't play the game. mm
  12. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    LOL I have no envy at all. I love a great fight. This is a war game. I am just saying if the number 1 alliance and number 2 alliance are afraid to fight each other they are chicken. Especially with the border you guys share, now if you were on different sides of the world maybe but come on...
  13. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Gods have 4 branches. Wheel/Infamous has 4 branches. Kettle calling the pot black if you ask me. Earlier in the world everyone was crying that the VortexGods and ANti-Matter were working together and it was no fair. Now you guys in Wheel and Infamous are doing the same thing. If the two...
  14. Trash Talk Thread- Sparta

    LOL Vinny. Just trying to keep some chatter going out here. And not you Olord, Lord Ares.
  15. Trash Talk Thread- Sparta

    oh ok, my bad. I have erased a good few when I know I am putting my foot in my mouth, which tends to happen more times than not. I think that we all need to put aside any differences and unite against the Infamous Wheel other wise they are just going to dominate this world since they are...