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  1. Bush League World

    lolz. dont blame Dux or Sun. they are in a different alliance. they play their game. its totally ok. for me they are clever players. If u dont talk straight and try to scheme and too much blah blah blah, this is what happens. clever peeps , that are mentally ok, win always. u were into joinin...
  2. Wars Or Skirmishes

    is this your taste of a cake walk? i have more reports to show u if u like 1ebde3a25d2d119060b336ce92c86d4a
  3. Wars Or Skirmishes

    and prolly u are the only one thats sad enough, to believe what u are sayin. i am not expecting an answer btw. cause u told publicly (skype forum) u dont talk to non-Americans.:) its 2016 as u say over and over again. such prejudice (the least worse i can describe it), is long erased by people...
  4. Wars Or Skirmishes

    i left your alliance remember. u didnt kick me. HoH.. u wanna come and see how this alliance is run? then i would have to kick you though ;)
  5. Wars Or Skirmishes

    arent u the simmer one? bp rank 580.
  6. Wars Or Skirmishes

    u must be a very sad person.:confused: id like to help you in some way
  7. Wars Or Skirmishes

    really? english not my native. do u speak other languages except for english? cause i do speak my native, english and german. and i dont think anybody that read it didnt understand what i am saying. i would stand up for every person that is treated this way. what he told u was that u suck in...
  8. Wars Or Skirmishes

    except for this one. this is not civilized. this is bush person talkin. how would u like your personal posted in here instead? u call yourself a personality? this is direct insult. makin fun of anothers personal life. do u know if peeps playing mmo's got trouble in real life? and what kind of...
  9. Wars Or Skirmishes

    heh. havoc in the externals.. well.. i guess its part of the game lolz. actually u guys are keepin it quite civilized here in the US. anyways.. they are good and bad alliances, just like everywhere.. signs have been shown, time will tell i guess. bp's are still low if you know what i mean. ill...
  10. Bush League World

    yeah i agree Al. everyone were noobs at first. but in most cases noobs that become good fighters, were in an ok alliance. 99% cases not an mra. plus i dont count all alliances except for premades, being mra's. should an alliance do its recruiting selectively, they can pick up noobs that got...
  11. Bush League World

    i have run an MRnewbie alliance in the past in en server. Contract Killers where their name. some of those newbies, those who ended the game or at least went far in the server, ended up fighting for the crown (for me crowns dontmean anything) but most important they became very good fighters...
  12. Come into our Coven

    King Diamond has always been a favourite. Those of u that : started late started early and thought of quitting early know ya stuff (defo) are in 45//55 south (needed but not a defo, with all those mra's ull know what to do) or just know Hounds of Hell crew, from other zerverz Bring your...
  13. Wars Or Skirmishes

    Nothing serious as far as i know
  14. Best underrated alliances

    The Pound merged top point players from Eviction Notice. Waiting to see if The Templars are on to something, so that my top 3 is 100% spot on :cool:
  15. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    i guess this isnt an "all red" kind of world.. pitty.. i miss those days