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  1. 3 Starting Cities in Every Worlds

    I like the 3 starting cities, and think it should be done more often, but dont think it is for every world. also maybe a suggestion that you start a speed one (slowest) with 5 cities to help develop the world and start speed five (fastest) with one city since you grow faster. Starting with 3...
  2. When senate completes in the building queue

    without getting into the math, I agree that it would be nice if construction times were updated in the senate que once a senate level is complete
  3. Killing a Siege CS

    not 100% sure but I'd suppose the difference is land unit vs naval unit I'm pretty sure this happened to me once, all the land units died and but since the attackers myths died as well, the cs was kicked out but not killed With navy units everything in the harbor dies (except transports)
  4. Preworld discussion - US 87 Golgi

    how do the three starting cities work? are they relatively nearby each other? is it two farms and a rocK?
  5. Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    as for the 85 towns p2 lost to DW, I'll take credit for about 30 of them. Didnt want to jinx it but was pretty sure they wouldnt count; turns out only 3 of those 30 are on dom islands. just sayin
  6. domination alliance morale

    I like the concept of the domination worlds, but it seems that the new worlds over the last 6 months have been over before they began. I could be wrong but has any alliance lost a "last stand" since dom began? Seems like a month into the world, one alliance already has 50%points (which is just...
  7. Milestone's UP to date

    first to 50k. rumor has it unlike everyone else (cooter not included) to get to number one, I dont ghost