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    Wars of Baris

    grieves where you been bud? pm me on here lets talk
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    Kingdom of Erabicon

    Yeah... either that or Moop :o
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    looking forward to it!
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    Milestones of Edessa

    PS 250k abp Rebooted 50k dbp PS 10k average dak 25k abp dak 10 cities PS 1,000,000 points
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    Newspaper Edessa Chronicles Issue Two

    We are waiting! Good read btw!
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    Early thoughts?

    To say nothing of that guy who bought up favor using the event in order to sea storm/purify/sea storm, etc until there were zero LS in the cs attack :o
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    Newspaper Edessa Chronicles Issue One

    on the one that you messed up ours and hours, you signed as swamp...
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    Newspaper Edessa Chronicles Issue One

    one quick fix. in the ocean break down you said it was ocean 54 when you meant 44. Also TAP isnt an alliance in this world, and why would swamp confuse ours and hours *facepalm*?
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Yes more good players are joining late(r). A lot of the better players are still in bp!
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    Wars of Delos

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    Early thoughts?

    Are you playing here rclay?
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    The Debt Collectors

    Good luck guys!
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    Early thoughts?

    World seems a little empty... only 5,000 players... Maybe they should've sent out emails / announced it ingame and on the forums :(
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    Newspaper-Coming Soon

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    Early thoughts?

    are they joining late or something?