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  1. Trash Talk.

    I’d say this is a rather common thing on Grepolis
  2. Trash Talk.

    Well I’m in VM now maybe some other time
  3. Trash Talk.

    There are too many my guy. And I don’t want to publicly embarrass him
  4. Trash Talk.

    Think you TBD folk may want to have a word with “Macdaddy713” don’t know what he was thinking
  5. Trash Talk.

    Rip don’t wanna risk the infraction points lol
  6. Trash Talk.

    The first two
  7. Trash Talk.

  8. Trash Talk.

    It’s called losing all my stuff in my attempt on Bigjs city and being mid rebuild , but thanks for your concern
  9. Trash Talk.

    Everyone should really start posting in here every time they sink something.
  10. Trash Talk.

    1v1 me on Rust, snipers only lmao
  11. Trash Talk.

    but you judge by BP apparently and we have nearly the same BP Number so we are of similar skill plus I never said Steve was a bad player, I actually enjoyed his reports. But if someone is gonna trash talk me I’ll trash talk back
  12. Trash Talk.

    I haven’t trash talked anyone but Steve, and we are similarly ranked. don’t need your contribution thanks
  13. Trash Talk.

    I like a bit of drama :)
  14. Trash Talk.

    I help my alliance plenty. I could say a lot of your alliance sim as well. I don’t have the gold to keep up with a lot of ppl, I do what I can, and my alliance are happy with what I’m doing so I’ll keep doing it. Don’t need someone from another alliance telling me what to do. Focus on telling...
  15. Trash Talk.

    I don’t talk down. He started on me. I’m just replying :)