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  1. Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    Agreed Mega. I doubt she wants the server to know that she is an excellent teammate who cares more about your RL than your current ability to contribute to the teams efforts. It would ruin her.
  2. Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    1 Pillars Float Float can still equal victory. Lots of internals/vms and losing cities on the Deja/Wolves front. 2 Dark Wolves Swim Solid group. 3 Deja Vu. Swim No comment 4 Pillars II Float Same as above 5 Bob's Moving Co. Swim I feel like this group will play a big role going...
  3. The Gambler Times

    Sure looks good for the gamblers. You guys had a plan from the start and are executing it. Impressive stuff. That said I can't believe how dead the forums are on this world. Already at wonders and only 7 threads and around 30 replies total? So boring and uneventful.
  4. Eubea Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Yep. Was more or less pointing out how small/inactive this server is already. Unless things have changed it could make it tough for the winning alliance to get a crown.
  5. Eubea Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Been awhile... I think I'll change it up this time. With so many internals all across the server... 1. Eubea: Float. Down to less than 350 players with more than 1 city.
  6. Pandora's Box 2018 Feedback Thread

    I don't like to complain about free stuff but this is easily the worst event I have been around for. The scaling is terrible. The higher level rewards are not worth the effort. Also the percentages seem to be suspicious. Edit: please ignore my newcomer status with this account... I have...
  7. looking for some people from previous worlds

    Your username seems familiar but I can't place it. I was in CandyCrush in Actium but I left fairly early.
  8. Is Any City Truly Unconquerable?

    Hey Hennessy. Welcome! I thought the same when I first started years ago. The truth is that alliances are almost everything in this game. A good alliance can take almost any city with a good planned op. Trick is finding the right group. Also... the biggest alliances are not always the...
  9. Eubea Top 12 Sink or Swim

    1. SPQR: Float but taking on water. 2. Gamblers: Swim 3. Venom: Swim
  10. Eubea Top 12 Sink or Swim

    So many changes. Need a new top 12. After much thought and research... 1. SPQR: Float 2. Gamblers: Swim 3. Venom Alliances: Swim
  11. Eubea Top 12 Sink or Swim

    1. SPQR/LIONS: Swim 2. Gamblers Alliances: Swim 3. Venom Alliances: Float Nailed it.