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  1. whats up with the last update? bugs all over

    Just want to also add this bug to all the others. Some farmer villages don't have a name and so we can't click on them anymore. Seriously, after every update there is more and more bugs. Can't we get an older and more stable version of the game? :(
  2. whats up with the last update? bugs all over

    On some yes, on some no. It's like random play. Take a chance. Your neighbor might see you, or he might not. Hahahaha! It kills a bit the logic of the game ;) I think the alarm on the phone is still working fine. But it might not be guaranteed. I got one attack landing few nights ago that didn't...
  3. whats up with the last update? bugs all over

    Adding this bug to the others. No attacks notifications but randomly found one in the commands overview... Means I now need to check there every 20 minutes, just in case there is an attack that is not reported. It's going to be interesting. Let's try to surprise some neighbors ;)
  4. Wrong travel time estimation?

    Interesting. So I tried... LS alone have the good timing LS + Sirens still have the good timing (+/- 10s) LS + Atalanta have the good timing. LS + Sirens + Atalanta have bad timing. I tried the same with transport boat and got the same behavior. Only when they go with both Sirens and Atalanta...
  5. Wrong travel time estimation?

    Hi, I just launched an attack from my main town, and after looking at in it the command overview, there is 9 minutes difference between what it was saying in the attack window vs the command overview. I tried to send for 20h00m00s and overview was saying 19h51m and some seconds. So I...
  6. Conquest / Academy research

    Is Phalanx affecting only land troops? Or also boats/ships?
  7. Hephaestus Blessing - February Special Worlds Feedback Thread

    Is that the packages that we can buy today in the game?
  8. Offering gold?

    Another way is to buy a Visa Gift Card with the $ amount on it, and then mail him the card. But this can't be done online. I was looking for something easier. enter the player name, the credit card information, and voilà :-/
  9. Next world

    I would vote for world speed x2, troops speed x1, moral and night bonus on, so we can sleep from time to time ;) Fine with 100 member alliance, and a preference for revolt vs conquest.
  10. Offering gold?

    Hi, Is there any online way to offer gold to a player? My son is playing, but he doesn't stay at my place. Is there any "Grepolis Gift Card" that I can buy online and give him? Or can I use my Visa card to buy gold but make it goes in his account? Thanks, Bin