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  1. Taras

  2. So...

    Nori is on the team I would have joined so Im not gonna play. Yall have fun!
  3. So...

    Whats a man gotta do to get an invite around here.
  4. Hug It Out

    Only way you are avoiding them is if you go to revolt or come hang with me in EN.
  5. Will the Real AD Please Stand Up?

    Had me rolling.
  6. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    ....and rimmed. burp.
  7. New God: Deinos - Discussion

    Am I getting April Fools'd?
  8. Actium Hall of Fame

    all very well said.
  9. Actium Hall of Fame

    It's funny you think DWS and BS were gift wrapped a win. We were fighting ugly, bob, and candy crush simultaneously while your Momento crew sat on the rim from their beach chairs with your feet up. Try getting in the thick of things for once and see how long it takes for you and your friends to...
  10. Actium Hall of Fame

    Refresh my memory on who took a city from me before I quit? Besides even if yall did take a city or two from me, I took about 15 from ya'll. Whats not impressive about being one of the 4 original members of Mors Venit, the alliance that was in first from day 1 thru the day the realm closed...
  11. Actium Hall of Fame

    You didnt play against me in Pella. I went a full ocean away from my core to get to your doorstep... than quit Pella. I hope to get a chance to play against you tho. Ill give this thread a go with some other superlative awards. 1. Hardest players to hit. Tie between Soulbrother03...
  12. Gela Rumor Mill

    Where are all the good fights? What oceans?
  13. Top 12: Sink or Swim

    You want me to restart this realm so I can get closer to you fools. Lets run it back?
  14. Gelamania

    Do you have room for me on your team?