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  1. Us Servers are dead - Change My Mind

    Well that is flat out sad. Whoever said we only have one pact forgot to mention their sister ally is #2 lol. This is killing grepo.
  2. Us Servers are dead - Change My Mind

    my apologies, I had asked someone if top 2 allys were pacted, I guess I was misinformed.
  3. Us Servers are dead - Change My Mind

    hey Dark, all is good, Hows life? I just jumped on this server under an alias name as was bored. Sad to see this server so pact filled. Group Hug is aptly named, I'll give them that at least. Hopefully the rest of the server marries up and hits them, that I would stick around for ;)
  4. Us Servers are dead - Change My Mind

    Played EN servers almost exclusively, counter point you have a target rich environment of sleeping adversaries ;) Inno, please disable all pacts and forum sharing for any server with less than 1000 active players, as it seems nobody wants a good fight on US servers.
  5. Us Servers are dead - Change My Mind

    If you are basing the health of a server on where you can found, then I think my point about the group hugs that all US servers seem to have is more the issue. Pro-tip. no pacts and take a city. If you are in a smaller alliance surrounded by pact loving alliances you need that city...
  6. Us Servers are dead - Change My Mind

    It would help, if on small servers there were no pacts and sister alliances. Just saying, its not all on Inno.
  7. Us Servers are dead - Change My Mind

    Low numbers and hugs - Change my Mind.
  8. What a Joke

    Happy to see Grepo hasn't changed lol
  9. Dead World

    Hmm, maybe we can help?
  10. App update to 2.110 - Changelog

    Kill the green banner, for the love of everything that is holy... kill it. And the %%^@# map menu.
  11. Farsala gossip

    this forum will be forever dead if you use logic and crap
  12. World Wonder Time

    wow spy much? lol. you guys had a 2.75 hour completion lead btw
  13. World Wonder Time

    agreed I've had several thoughts to help improve WW. One is similar to your above idea you can only swap alliances 1x every 24 hours. Second is to blow it up and end with anything else. Even the silly NPC city would be better. One island right at the core. each city stacked. Whatever...
  14. World Wonder Time

    Down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier... lol agree with the vision part as well. GOS and company ruined this server with the MRA mentality, I think visions and kod were far and away best alliance per pound in the server
  15. Commander of Rome - Discussion

    was DIO, thanks for help. everyone in ally having same issue. in WW so DIO a must