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  1. 'Issues with Tissues'

  2. 'Issues with Tissues'

    I don't like forums but I have to reply to someone who is acting tough. You did clear few cities (few), but I really don't remember you landing on my cities :). KI succeeded in landing a cs but we broke it easily. Another thing, I don't clear cities, I just take them. Make sure to rush walls...
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    You whining about 1 single ping. I was doing random HCs and saw that one my attacks were heading to your city, so I recalled immediately. Else, I never pinged you.
  4. 'Issues with Tissues'

    I used x4 bp token and participated in a siege breaking using 10 LS nukes + 5 heavy flyers then in few days I went on VM. Use your brain, again your mouth ran faster than your brain. Peace,
  5. 'Issues with Tissues'

    no one cares about you ank... Too sad, we are all playing now while you are just whining on forums. Keep spreading rumors tho, doesn't bother me at all. Have fun simmer,
  6. 'Issues with Tissues'

    What kind of stubborn person are you lol, who would be able to eat 100 cities. We all know that if you gave your cities (especially those with 25 walls LMAO), we would play and survive easily, but you just ghosted like a rat. Now hiding behind a screen and acting tough, while you ran away and...
  7. 'Issues with Tissues'

    Keep running from a subject to another Ank .
  8. 'Issues with Tissues'

    'Fellow players' actually it was one and only player, blackperro and it was him who started the war spam on En. I challenge you here to bring another player that i spammed and ghosted or left, on all servers. Again, you are just proving to us how stupid you are and that your mouth ran faster...
  9. 'Issues with Tissues'

    Yo ank, i got asked by your co-leader and few players (some are in the council) to join back the council chat and help as you were just simming and totally inactive. I refused couple of times but they insisted as they were losing hope :). So think twice before replying, as it shows that you are...
  10. 'Issues with Tissues' Remind me, did you ever land on an active target ? Because I can't remember. Most of the sieges I've supported are Roo front and not Mip. We all knew that you will ghost sooner or later, believe me, even the enemy knows :). Thought that you would be smarter and not say...
  11. 'Issues with Tissues'

    Let's say 2 players were greedy and hungry for power and leadership rights. In the process they started challenging my abilities regularly. I didnt think I needed to prove myself. I gave them what they wanted. Results of their excellent leadership skills are rolling out. Losing !!! LOL. No...
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    Server might be alive again. More blood will be generated and it "might" get intense. Is it going to be Roo VS Mip ?
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    1 year for WW... Too early to predict the winner.
  14. 'Issues with Tissues'

    someone said spam ?
  15. 'Issues with Tissues'

    Hey Evilking, I see that you are using a new name on En server. Trying to hide ? ashamed ?