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  1. Us Servers are dead - Change My Mind

    Mass ghostings are always a treat too
  2. Us Servers are dead - Change My Mind

    You and me both, the rest just show no balls when it comes to hitting us. Really not even that hard: 1) Click on any HB/GH city 2) select attack units 3) click attack
  3. Top 12

    I should probably wait till the dust settles on whatever Cindi has or hasn't got going on over there??
  4. Top 12

    New shake up to the world, ladies and gents get mommy and daddies credit cards out, its time to play!!
  5. Top 12

    Alright, let's attempt to get this thread back on track. In all my years this is my first ever attempt at a top 12, so BEAR with me #1 Group Hug- #1 Attackers, #9 Defenders, #1 Fighters. Strong base in 45 and 55 with plenty of food to expand. Lost a few cities early to the POM group but seem...
  6. Drama

    Cry some more will ya
  7. Top 12

    What are you doing Kings!!! Get back to work!!
  8. Drama

    I hear Amber's dog being referred to a rat, that could be some drama on the horizon....
  9. Top 12

    so what you are saying and what we are all to believe, is that the great KOD finally split up!!
  10. Top 12

    Killer Clowns and The Handy Bunch appear to be the same group........
  11. Wars of Mochlos

    sooooo, hows that coalition working out for all yall out there
  12. Wars of Mochlos

    Wait a minute.... I didn't even realize you played this world
  13. Wars of Mochlos

    Damn Mafia, I know y'all hate us and all, but did ya have to hack our alliance with all this spamming?? Seriously childish now, come on!! I mean this is worse than that Suna and her cheap worthless spam attacks!!
  14. Wars of Mochlos

    Rod, forum swami