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    @ Bailey.....Exactly right....The best way to shut someone up is asking them to prove themselves....Time will prove me right... @ Exile.......Very well said. DETH knows he made an MRA.....and mass allies that are not the way to go. Deth best strategy is to recruit inactive players then EAT them...
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    History of Heraklion

    Absolutely true....A mass recruitment alliance with 6 allies/pacts....75% inexperienced players, no the best part...if the MASS recruitment was not bad enough.....A family want-a be alliance.....WOW, what can I say..... Excuse me....YOU are a MRA.....with 6 allies.....
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    Let's see if the following is true.... 1) Mass recruitment, with ZERO letters to the recruits...No background checks and only wants to remain at the top position.... 2) Mass Recruitment is bad enough but keeping their ranks full and keeping inactive players is a horrible way to manage a GOOD...
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    For general discussion purposes.... Who is THE WORST alliance in this world? I vote for DETHMATICA... For the following reasons: 1) Mass recruitment alliance.....Recruited themselves to the top of the world by MASS recruitment methods.... 2) Forum usage......One of THE WORST...
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    Heraklion Milestone

    LITTLE MISS ATTITUDE....I finally figured it out.....You are perhaps the single most ignorant player in your world.....Your diplomatic skills are horrible, your english pathetic and your people skills dismal.....I would think you should quit this game, go back to school and read and learn.....
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    Negative Luck

    I do not know if this is a BUG in the system or Just plain bad luck, but here it goes anyway. You be the judge... Opinions welcome from all your respective alliances... I attacked a player recently had experienced a -24% luck...You say big what... I spied of this player before...
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    Best profile omicron contest

    Thank you, check out my in game profile....:)
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    Best/Worst Alliances Names

    A couple of funny ones above.
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    Best/Worst Alliances Names

    HARDONS 12 members 10771 points All members must name a city ERECTION. The size of your ERECTION is of no consequence. In time it will grow. If any member loses their ERECTION they will be booted from the alliance. Lol Chicks With ****s 1 member 3942 points
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    Best profile omicron contest

    Check mine out, it is still a work in progress....Still working on my own picture.... Player Name Anomander Rake
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    Omicron Newspaper is now Released! (issue 1)

    For a first effort you did well, Keep it up, I am sure every issue will improve with time. +1