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    Bandit camps

    I was wondering if there is a guide or any information available in regards to the type of reward given per battle number defeated? I keep meaning to try to keep a "log" saving when you receive the really, really good rewards at a certain battle number, for example say when you defeat battle #25...
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    Why are large islands not available?

    Ty both for clearing that up for me, it has long been a topic of hot debate among players arguing about where to move, build their core, and as you both said the anchors don't appear in large am like they used too, so demand for space is in high demand. Imo, because even islands that will never...
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    Why are large islands not available?

    Ty for helping me out Lurks, so that being said, let me ask this, if a player colonized an island, talking one that should be large enough for villages, before there are villages available, as the area becomes more populated, willl that island ever "develop" villages or by them already...
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    I must say after reading through the few threads about Pandosia thus far and the responses, I am really hopeful this is going to be an excellent world to rejoin the fray, after a brief sabbatical. Got plain burnt out for this reason or that *cough DRAMA, cough DRAMA* LOL. Even with the bit of...
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    Why are large islands not available?

    Tried simply searching for an answer to the following just about everywhere possible and since I cannot seem to come up with a cut and dry answer, figured why not just post a thread and see if anyone can help me out.... So... recently began a relatively new world, approximately 3 weeks in give...
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    I think as far as patience goes in regards to new players or even those with experience who weren't lucky enough to have a dedicated "mentor" to show them the ropes, let's face it, the OGs are a dying breed and new blood can be a crucial source of any alliance, if the mix isn't straight MRA and...
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    Uhtred, sadly this trend has become more and more the rule rather than the occasional exception. I fondly remember back when I began playing a "pact" wasn't just a temporary reprieve from becoming the next meal and you didn't have to constantly keep your eyes open for the knife to slam in your...
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    Game Chat

    After reading the rules for posting ideas, I noticed a player mentioned the in game chat feature. I have used this feature at some point or another, I do find it convenient for instant communication among members and for those who do not want to use Skype. However, there are two major draw...
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    Whens the next world Starting?

    Waiting patiently for a new revolt world....hopefully speed 2 or 3?
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    Ultimate Leadership Guide

    I didn't notice any information on weekly membership growth requirements? I have been in several who used this strategy and sometimes was effective others not so much. Those who do use them, what are your beginning stats; points/BP and how are they increased weekly?
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    New world! US56 - Myonia

    Perfect settings, Thank you Thank you!
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    Baris Pre-World Discussion Thread

    What I wouldn't give for a Revolt world with anything but speed 1, please, please lol!! Nothing against Actium, as I am having some fun there, but I truly feel at home in Revolt.
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    Rate the Player above you

    Nobody important :p On to Grieves1 Points: 8/10 - 72 in the world FBP: 9/10 - Nice Job ABP: 9/10 - Took a few days off ;P DBP: 9/10 - Again, no time to rest, play Grep! Alliance: 10/10 no doubt! Position: 9/10
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    The Delphi Times - Issue Four

    Few weeks from what I heard?