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    DIO-Tools (Official)

    Yes please get the information correct, because here is a source that does not differentiate between US and EN but says Dio is allowed.
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    Banned for Unapproved Scripts (EN vs US)

    This would be quite helpful, considering that even moderators have got the lists mixed up.
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    You can open Zakros!

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    Top 12 alliances...

    too funny!
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    Top 12 alliances...

    Can't handle morale huh, go ahead and run to a no morale server, assuming you make it past the first op on you
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    Top 12 alliances...

    LOL hail Carlosias, King of the simmers
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    New Sink or Swim....

    of course, now how about actually play in the server instead of just posting in externals. I need a new sea monkey to feed my sea horse
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    The Naxos News

    Jizzy when is your paper coming out? :o
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    New Sink or Swim....

    Fear the Sea Wolves!!
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    World Skype Chat

    Skype is ok, but Team Speak is better